Leading a Customer-Focused Environment


This is a cost-effective way of introducing specific Customer Service leadership skills to new leaders and to revive and remind more tenured leaders of the skills necessary to lead the company toward exceptional service. 

Today, in our challenging economic and regulatory times when company reputations are made or killed in the court of public opinion, quality service to ALL customers - even those who are hard to please or cannot be pleased - is more important than ever before.  Customers don't just tell the average of 14 people that experts cited a disgruntled consumer would complain to in the past... they post their feelings on facebook, YouTube, twitter and websites!   

In the midst of these challenges for CSR's, comes a large challenge for leaders - hiring, retaining, motivating, setting expectations for a new generation of workers who may not have the loyalty or the experience of workers who are now retiring.


  • Four 90 minute webinars
  • 6 Professional Development Hours (PDH)
  • *The series will only be available for purchase now through January, 2013.


Member Fee

  • $325 complete series, per company, limited to 3 connections / Employees

Non-member Fee

  • $525 complete series, per company, limited to 3 connections / Employees


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The webinars are facilitated by Debra Ballard who has been in the utility business for almost 30 years many of which were spent leading customer service departments.  Debra has worked in for profit and not-for-profit environments.

Setting Service Expectations

This session will focus on clarifying what today’s utility customers expect and help leaders take those expectations from the general to the specific in defining what excellent service really is.

            Concepts covered will include:

  • The meaning of being “customer-focused”
  • A working knowledge of fundamental customer expectations
  • Why service standards by which an organization can measure itself are so important
  • How to establish quantitative performance standards to meet those expectations
  • Specific actions which tend to exceed customer expectations


Measuring Service Success
This session will expand on the first session’s concepts with a discussion method by which an organization can measure how successful it is in meeting the standards of service it has set.  Attendees will leave with a step-by-step plan or framework within which an organization can better track customer expectations and outcomes.

Concepts covered will include:

  • Tools for tracking customer expectations
  • A Seven Step Program that utilities can use to create an action plan for measuring customer response and satisfaction


Coaching for Service Success
This session will focus on skills that help service coaches motivate and guide service providers to expand their capabilities so that they have the skills to make decisions and solve problems on their own.

Concepts covered will include:

  • Describe the role of a service coach in developing others
  • Recognize the challenges and apply skills to overcome them in developing others
  • Identify and apply opportunities to develop the service skills of providers
  • Demonstrate a set of key actions for developing others
  • Conduct focused conversations that result in improved service.


Building a Customer Service Team

This session will provide attendees with skills that are essential to building a culture of support among team members in delivering excellent service – internally and externally.

Concepts covered will include:

  • The importance of excellent internal service to the utility’s external customers
  • How to use shared values to build a system of behavior norms
  • Using a tool to evaluate the team’s current status (strengths and areas for improvement)


Competencies Addressed 

  • Coaching
  • Team building
  • Communication
  • Negotiation


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