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Gas Forecasters


Gas ForecastersThe Gas Forecasters Interest Group sponsors an annual Gas Forecasters Forum which is designed to provide the latest information to professionals involved in areas such as forecasting daily gas load requirements, winter period design day, weather daily forecasting accuracy, daily / seasonal contract entitlement, utilizing the latest forecasting technology and more. The Forum, organized by the GFF Task Force, is typically held each October as part of the SGA Fall Leadership Conference.


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  • Forecasting and Supply Planning Practices Survey.
    • This survey was conducted in 1991, 1995, 2000 and 2005 (updated approximately every 5 years). This survey contains the following information:
      • Forecasting Daily Requirements
      • Winter Period Design Day Weather
      • Daily Forecasting Accuracy
      • Daily / Seasonal Contract Entitlement Level of Supply
      • Operations
      • Open Access of LDC Markets
    • This project was sponsored by SGA, American Gas Association, Canadian Gas Association, Gas Technology Institute, Northeast Gas Association, and Ohio Gas Association.
    • To order visit our products page.


More Information about Committees & Interest Groups

An Interest Group is a database of gas industry professionals interested in a particular subject matter. SGA members may join as many Interest Groups as they prefer. Each Interest Group is managed by a Committee. Learn more about the Committee that manages this Interest Group by downloading their Activity Plan (above).

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