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Compensation Survey Task Force


Compensation Task Force SurveyThe Task Force oversees SGA's annual compensation survey that provides industry-specific compensation and benefits information from natural gas distribution, transmission, and pipeline companies in the SGA Region. The Survey includes information on approximately 170 exempt and non-exempt managerial, professional, technical and clerical jobs.



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  • Energy Compensation Survey
    • The SGA Energy Compensation Survey is one of the gas industry's most comprehensive surveys, covering over 170 job titles in exempt and non-exempt managerial, professional, technical and clerical jobs.
    • There are many benefits for your organization's participation in the Survey, including:
      • Reduce potential liability and anti-trust concerns by utilizing a third party provider that maintains strict confidentiality.
      • Cost-effective method of obtaining energy industry salary information. The SGA survey is 30-50% less expensive than other similar surveys.
      • Regional salary information for peer companies having transmission and gas distribution operations in the South and Midwest sections of the U.S.
    • The SGA Human Resources Managing Committee sponsors the Survey and oversees the SGA Energy Compensation Survey Task Force, which has administrative responsibility. The Hay Group, a nationally recognized authority in all areas of executive compensation, rewards and financial protection, collects, tabulates and analyzes the confidential survey data and publishes a comprehensive report.
    • Survey Cost
      • SGA Member Participant $1600*
      • Non-SGA Member Participant $2,400*

*Prices are subject to change.


More Information about Committees & Interest Groups 

An Interest Group is a database of gas industry professionals interested in a particular subject matter. SGA members may join as many Interest Groups as they prefer. Each Interest Group is managed by a Committee. Learn more about the Committee that manages this Interest Group by downloading their Activity Plan (above).

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