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Project Planning & Management Workshop



Co-sponsored by the Project Management Committee and Transmission Technical Training Committee.




Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of why to stress planning and the cost of poor planning
  • Ability to use 4-6 simple yet powerful planning tools
  • Skills to plan and implement effectively with others (using basic group and interpersonal skills)
  • High motivation to plan more effective



Doug Pearson, Pearson Consulting Associates, is the instructor for this workshop. Doug is well know in the natural gas industry and has conducted this training for Reliant Energy, El Paso Natural Gas, as well as Sony Corp., Solar Turbines, Georgia Pacific, Sysco Corp., Amgen, SpeedFam-IPEC, and Eli Lilly.



  • The project management process
  • Project planning & management tools
  • Managing relationships in projects
  • Managing project teamwork
  • Managing, implementing, and closing
  • Pipeline project simulation


Workshop Outline

Section One: The Project Management Process

  • What is project management?
  • Project management effectiveness
  • Planning: investing in success
  • Project planning: a life cycle view

This section stresses the payoff of, and issues around, good planning practices, and it develops the case for concurrent or "up front" planning. A two-hour group planning exercise introduces teamwork issues.

Section Two: Project Planning & Management Tools

  • Three-pass planning
  • Schedule charts (Gannt/Bar)
  • Network diagramming (CPM/PERT)
  • Responsibility charts
  • Cross boundary "Four-Field" charts

Within the context of concurrent or accelerated, and "three-pass" planning, participants learn about basic PPM tools such as work breakdown structures, and other planning and risk analysis tools, bar charts, CPM methods, responsibility charts, and "four-field" charts. Most involve hands-on exercises.

Section Three: Managing Relationships in Projects

  • Understanding individual differences
  • Resolving project conflict

Interpersonal styles are introduced via an MBTI-like instrument, supporting a focus on interpersonal interaction, style "flexing" and self understanding. An optional communication styles instrument is used to focus specifically on communication skills. The remainder of the time is usually spent on ways of handling a variety of project related conflicts.

Section Four: Managing Project Teamwork

  • Group decision making: Why? When? How?
  • Effective teamwork exercise

Team effectiveness and group decision making addressed in a dynamic exercise which stresses application to participants own projects.

Section Five: Managing, Implementing, and Closing

  • Implementation problems
  • Gaining commitment

Focus is on company specific implementation problems and gaining commitment of stakeholders.

Section Six: Pipeline Project

This two hour team simulation involves planning and constructing a natural gas pipeline.


Professional Development Hours


Workshop Schedule

  • Day one: 8 to 5
  • Day two: 8 to 4



  • Member - $500
  • Non-member - $895

The registration fee includes continental breakfast, breaks, lunch, and all meeting materials.






Bring this Training to Your Location

$6,500 plus instructor travel (includes all materials and instructor at your location)

Bring this workshop to your location for your employees; or offer it as an open enrollment (SGA will promote the workshop for you) and offset this fee with registrations from other companies.



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Page updated: December 5, 2012



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