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016 The Midstream Interest Group focus is the link between the exploration and production of natural gas, and the delivery of its components to long haul pipelines and end-use markets. Compression, right of way issues, measurement, safety, gas quality, pipeline construction and maintenance and regulatory compliance are part of our discussions. We liaise with a number of other SGA Interest Groups.  

This is a new Interest Group (as of Fall 2011). This Interest Group will host the Midstream Operating Executives Roundtable at the Management Conference, as well as a Midstream Operations Roundtable at the Operating Conference.

Check back here for updates as this new Interest Group is formed.





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More Information about Committees & Interest Groups

An Interest Group is a database of gas industry professionals interested in a particular subject matter. SGA members may join as many Interest Groups as they prefer. Each Interest Group is managed by a Committee. Learn more about the Committee that manages this Interest Group by downloading their Activity Plan (above).

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