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Engineering ManagementThe Distribution Operations & Engineering Section Managing Committee is responsible to the Southern Gas Association Board of Directors for organizing and directing activities to help meet the training and education needs for member companies with distribution operations. To view the SGA committees that report up through this committee click here.


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  • San Bruno Incident
    • Visit the SGA Communications Center to view a number of Blog posts relevant to this incident
      • See the following posts: September 21, 29; October 1, 18; Jan 4, 7, 9, 24 
    • National Transportation Safety Board’s update on their investigation (Dec 14, 2010)
  • Emergency Preparedness Communications and PHMSA Advisory Bulletin 10-08
    • The SGA Operating Section hosted a conference call on December 1 to discuss this new Advisory Bulletin. Approximately 100 natural gas operators joined the call.
    • Download the notes from this call.





The Distribution Operating Executives Roundtable - April 13-15, 2011

The Distribution Operating Executives conducted their annual roundtable in conjunction with the SGA Management Conference at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya in New Mexico.  The roundtable was well attended with approximately 30 in attendance.  Jason Weekley, Mobile Gas, chairs the Distribution Operations and Engineering Section Managing Committee and John McDill, is the vice-chair.  They along with the strong support of the committee organized and conducted an outstanding roundtable. 

A highlight of the roundtable was the joint session with the Transmission Operations Executives on Thursday afternoon focused on employee safety.  Tom Hutchins, El Paso Pipeline Group, moderated the session that included presentations from Andrea Jalbert, TransCanada, Scott Powell, Atmos Energy, and Brad MacLean, Willbros. 

The quality of the presentations was excellent and keenly relevant to operating challenges facing the members.  Gary Miller, NiSource Distribution,  started Session 1 with a review of their DIMP Pilot Audit and DIM implementation process.  Mary Palkovich, CenterPoint Energy, provided a pipeline safety regulatory update and a review of CenterPoint's gas purging procedures. 

In Session 2, Doug Staebler, Washington Gas, reviewed their successes with the use of keyhole technology.   Lance Andrews, Atmos Energy, presented an overview of their service replacement program in Texas.  John McDill, Atmos Energy, closed out the session with a "what's working" look at their use of  Non-Interruptive Meter Change Out (NIMCO) technology. 

Ken Oostman, New Mexico Gas, reviewed the challenges New Mexico Gas faced this winter when natural gas deliveries fell short of system requirements.  Minh Tran shared Piedmont's response to the Nashville Flood this past year.

Thanks to all those who worked so hard to make this a truly outstanding Distribution Operating Executives Roundtable.  Those in attendance put the 2011 SGA Theme to practice: "Communicate, Share, Improve." 


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