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Technology Training


photo compensation_task_force_surveyThe purpose of the Technology Training Committee is to become a collaborative resource for the exchange of expertise in program initiatives, system deployment strategies, techniques, tools, etc., among SGA member's technology trainers who develop and implement training to support their organization's technology systems. (examples: MicroSoft software, SAP, PeopleSoft, automated meter reading, resource management, etc.)

The mission of the SGA Technology Training Committee is to provide a collaborative platform for the industry's technology trainers to identify, develop, and provide solutions to meet the training needs of member companies in educating and equipping employees to use the technologies that support business operations.

Committee Roster Interest Group Activity Plan


  • To be defined based on member input (survey described above). 


  • 2012: members elect 2012 Chair and 2012-13 Vice-Chair who becomes 2013 Chair of Technology Committee.
  • Annually at year-end: members elect Vice-Chair to a two-year term: first year as Vice-Chair of Committee and Co-Chair of Training Roundtable; second year as Chair of Committee.
  • Membership is open to any SGA member company's technology training professionals; decision pending on SGA associate members' representatives.

More Information about Committees & Interest Groups

An Interest Group is a database of gas industry professionals interested in a particular subject matter. SGA members may join as many Interest Groups as they prefer. Each Interest Group is managed by a Committee. Learn more about the Committee that manages this Interest Group by downloading their Activity Plan (above).

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