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Leadership Skills for Frontline Managers

This 1.5 day training program and is designed to prepare mid level supervisors for the challenges of being an effective leader. Participants will gain insight into what people respect in leaders and how to develop their own unique leadership style. This course lays the foundation for future topics in leadership.

  • 1 ½ day course
  • 13 PDH Credits

*If you would like to bring this course in-house or host this course, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

What does "hosting" a course mean? If a company commits to bringing a course on-site to their facility and fill some of the seats at a flat rate, SGA will sell the remainder of the seats to non-members of the company and credit the host company for each seat filled by individuals outside of the company. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify leadership styles
  • Identify through an assessment your personal leadership style
  • Identify the key principles to front line leadership
  • Comprehend how your leadership style impacts subordinates behaviors
  • Comprehend how generation differences and diversity impact the workplace
  • Discover how to understand yourself and how others perceive you
  • Discover the concepts of Situational Leadership and its impact on effective leadership development
  • Comprehend effective conflict resolution concepts
  • Identify how an effective leader complements team resolution opportunities
  • Comprehend the principle of good Communication Skill’s relationship to sound effective leadership
  • Comprehend that good followership enhances leadership potential
  • Develop a Back-At-Work Action Plan

Topics Covered

  • What management looks for in a leader
  • What 'followers' expect
  • The characteristics of effective leadership
  • The common pitfalls encountered by leaders
  • How to develop ones own leadership tools
  • How to win support and over come resistance
  • How to keep things 'on track' in the workplace

Competenties Addressed

  • Professionalism
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication
  • Supporting Others
  • Motivating and Inspiring
  • Developing and Mentoring

Class Outline 


Leadership principles

  • Discuss the definition and concept in leadership
  • Discuss how good leadership skills relates to effective organizations
  • Identify your basic leadership style
  • Identify your personality style
  • Comprehend how leadership and personality styles impact subordinate behavior
  • Defend how leaders improve change processes in organizations

Front line leadership

  • Identify front line leadership
  • Appreciate the role frontline leadership plays in organizational effectiveness
  • Comprehend your responsibilities as a front line leader

Diversity in the work place

  • Discuss how diversity impacts organizations
  • Discover generational differences in the organization and their role on leadership

Understanding yourself

  • Identify ways to improve the perceptions others have of you
  • Discuss how Emotional Intelligence relates to your personality and how you deal with your subordinates actions
  • C key aspects of Situational Leadership


Dealing with conflict

  • Identify the conflict
  • Identify effective conflict resolution techniques
  • Identify sources of conflict

Communication and Sound Supervisory Skills

  • Discuss Counseling aspects
  • Develop key communication practices
  • Discuss relationship between Communication and Performance
  • Discover effective approaches to Performance Management
  • Discuss the role ethics play in performance and sound leadership skill

Followership principles

  • Discuss the definition and concept in followership
  • Discuss how good followership shills relates to effective leadership skills

Team Exercise

  • Back-at-Work Plan

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