Production Services


SGA Production & Communication Services

SGA Network contracts with natural gas companies to produce, broadcast and/or webcast a variety of video products and audio conferences. SGA Network has the tools to help you improve the way you collaborate while reducing the expenses associated with communicating with groups of people. For the natural gas industry, SGA Network is uniquely positioned to link people through technology.



Live or mock live webcasting is used by some member companies to broadcast timely company information, live, to hundreds or even thousands of employees or customers. SGA Network offers enterprise-class webcasting so that messages can be delivered wherever, whenever and to whomever using a robust webcasting platform. Click here for sample.

Depending on your needs customized web cast may include the following:

1 LVW Live Video Webcast
Custom Interface
Complete “Look & Feel” of Client’s Website
Speaker Bios
Up to 1 Hour Pre-test day of the live webcast
Auto-Detection of Viewer’s Bandwidth
Basic Dual Pane Interface with Client Logo
Online Registration with confirmation
Presentation slides – Pushed Live in Separate Window
Q & A or Email Button on Interface for Questions
Participation Reports
Surveys and Evaluations
Archive of webcast for 3 months


SGA Network's private and secure satellite network enables its members to deliver timely company information, live, to employees via satellite broadcast.

To utilize SGA’s broadcasting services, it is necessary that the locations to which the information is to be delivered have satellite receiver dishes.

View sample at right.

Video/DVD Production Services

The Network provides turn-key broadcast-quality video production for customer communications, employee updates, employee or customer trainings, and corporate promotions.


Web Conference Services

Although it is frequently best to have people travel to a common location for face-to-face meetings, there are situations where SGA Network web conference services can provide an efficient, cost-effective way to communicate with employees, interest groups, and/or customers. The Network makes its web conference services and the WebEx platform available to SGA member companies, providing a way to reach more people in a shorter time with significant cost efficiencies. A web conference provides interactive, live communications over the internet with audio and display of presentation files.Meeting & Training Center – Meeting & Training Services are used for smaller groups (2-10 recommended) to collaborate on documents, work on projects or meet to discuss ideas.

Event Center – Event Center is for large groups of people (more than 25) where material is delivered from one or more presenters to a group of attendees and one-way communication is used.

Event Production Services

SGA will provide an Event Producer to work with you to ensure your sessions are successful. The following table shows an example of what the Event Producer would be responsible for during a typical 1 hour event.

Rehearsal & Pre-Production
  • Schedule the event including invitations
  • Troubleshoot technical issues with presenters’ equipment
  • Train presenters to navigate the interface, how to advance slides, answer questions, respond to text messages, deliver polling questions
  • Provide advice on communicating during the session
  • Explain roles and responsibilities and determine time lines
  • Create and save poll questions to be used during session
  • Troubleshoot attendees technical issues
Live Event
  • Launch the event 30 minutes prior to start
  • Load slides, set up for application sharing (if needed), discuss operator’s scripts and last minute logistics
  • Welcome attendees and provide technical overview on how to interact with the web conferencing platform
  • Record the event
  • Monitor event and provide technical assistance during the event